We Offer a Preselling Condo in Mandaluyong and Ready for Occupancy

for as low as 16,000 a month we get a 1Bedroom with balcony unit Investment in a Prime location and also 5% down payment to Move in for Light 1 Residences Rent to own terms.

Ready for Occupancy and Preselling Low Rise Condo

We offer for Rent to own for as much as 5% down payment to move and also for preselling for as low as 10,000/month

Grass Residences Ready to Move in

We offer a Rent to own terms for as much as 5% down payment to Move in.

Gold Residences Pre Selling by 2024 Turnover

Gold Residences Pre Selling Project of SM beside NAIA Terminal for as low as 19,000/month. Turnover by 2024

Park Residences in Laguna Pre Selling Project of SM

We offer for as low as 14,000/month for 1 Bedroom to 2 Bedroom unit. Turnover by 2023.

All of the Project of SMDC is a great deal to Invest in terms of Locations, Style, ambiance and return of Investment thru Passive Income.  let me know you prefer Location, Project and Monthly we will able to meet our dream home unit Investment. 🙂👍